What is Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate?

Just like THC, CBD can be extracted directly from hemp or cannabis in many different forms. The most common form of extraction results in isolate, which is the purest concentration of CBD in a powder form. CBD isolate can be used to make concentrates such as distillate, but it can also be used to make infused edibles and topicals. Some users are even smoking/vaping CBD isolate, as well as consuming it directly in water or other foods.

CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol. It’s powerful and takes effect in the body very quickly. It’s extracted from the hemp plant using a variety of different extraction methods, including solvent, dry ice, olive oil, and CO2 extraction. These techniques are used to draw out the cannabinoids of the hemp plant, along with other healthy plant material that naturally occur in the plant. 

Once extracted, what’s left is a substance that’s then purified to filter out any unwanted components, leaving behind a CBD isolate product that’s as much as 99% pure CBD. Because of the high CBD concentration, CBD isolate products are highly potent, which means only a small amount is needed to induce the effects desired.

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