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What Are The Side Effects of CBD; Is CBD Safe?

Is CBD Safe?

What are the side effects of CBD?

CBD short for Cannabidiol is known for its many health benefits.

Being plant-based, CBD is regarded as a safer alternative to most pharmaceutical drugs. 

You will find CBD products everywhere; from retirement homes to college hostels, everyone seems to be using CBD oil for something.

This may leave you wondering, when will the other shoe drop and reveal some side effects of CBD?

According to this Critical Review Report released by WHO, CBD is generally well-tolerated by humans and has a good safety profile.

However, like any other supplement, CBD may have some side effects.

Although these side effects are incredibly mild and often temporary, we felt it necessary to compile all the adverse side effects of CBD into this one guide.  

This way, you will know what to expect as you decide to incorporate CBD oil into your wellness routine.

We will also share some tips on what you can do to potentially avoid CBD side effects altogether.

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The Potential CBD Negative Side Effects

The main danger associated with CBD use is the lack of proper regulation. 

Remember that the hemp sector is relatively new and is not regulated by the FDA. This means that anyone can start a company, label the bottle as CBD oil, and start marketing whatever they put inside the bottle.

According to this study, more than 70% of CBD products didn’t contain the amount of hemp extract indicated on the label. While at least 25% had more CBD than indicated, over 43% had too little CBD.

What’s more, at least 20% of the samples tested positive for THC while claiming to contain none.

This level of dishonesty and lack of transparency in the CBD sector may mean you coming across poor-quality and potentially harmful CBD products, which may cause severe side effects.

Luckily, this can be avoided if you buy your products from reputable CBD brands and insist on receiving certificates of analysis from 3rd party independent labs.

These certificates should indicate, among other things, the ingredients used, the extraction technique, presence or absence of heavy metals, insecticides, or any other harmful chemicals, cannabinoids present, as well as the concentration of CBD.

Using CBD products made using locally sourced, organically grown hemp (free of insecticides, GMOs, and pesticides) minimizes the chances of experiencing side effects.

However, there’re still some potentially negative side effects that you should be aware of:

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CBD Side Effects On The Liver

A study on mice has shown that at high levels, CBD led to the elevation of liver enzymes, a possible indicator of liver damage.

In the study conducted by experts from the University of Arkansas, it was discovered that while the mice largely tolerated the CBD oil, the group which received high doses (a human equivalent to 200mg of CBD) had signs of liver toxicity.

This could indicate that in high doses, CBD may have adverse effects on your liver.

However, this study used far higher doses of CBD than what you would typically consume (most people take between 10 to 20 mg of CBD per day).

Take away? Just like most other common supplements or medications, CBD is generally safe, but toxicity may be experienced at insanely high doses.

Also, if suffering from liver damage or other medications, it’s important to monitor your liver-enzymes when on hemp products.

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CBD Interaction With Other Drugs

Another potential negative effect of CBD oil is a possible interaction with other drugs. 

When you take medications, a family of enzymes called cytochromene P450 (CYP450) does the work of breaking down the foreign substances so that they can easily be eliminated from your body.

This same family of enzymes is responsible for metabolizing some cannabinoids, including CBD. 

Specifically, CYP3A4 is the enzyme that metabolizes CBD alongside other cannabinoids. Unfortunately, during this process, CBD may inhibit the functioning of this enzyme.

According to experts, this enzyme is responsible for metabolizing over 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs.

If it’s not working normally (due to CBD action), then the medications in your system can’t be broken down as effectively as required.

If your body is taking too long to metabolize medications, then it means that at some point, you will have more drugs in your system than required. This could lead to severe side effects or even a drug overdose.

This goes two ways; some medications or substances may inhibit the absorption of CBD oil into body cells, meaning you won’t experience the desired benefits.

If you’re on other drugs and want to try CBD, you must consult your doctor first. 

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CBD Can Cause Dry Mouth

CBD and other cannabinoids can make your mouth feel dry or as if it has been stuffed with cotton balls. This is common, especially when you smoke or ingest CBD.

Dryness of mouth occurs because endocannabinoid receptors in the salivary glands may inhibit the secretion of the glands.

Studies indicate that the submandibular gland that secretes at least 60% of the saliva has a vibrant network of endocannabinoid receptors. 

When CBD interacts with these receptors, it may inhibit the secretion of saliva, causing mouth dryness.

Luckily, this can be prevented by consuming hydrating fluids like water.

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CBD Can Cause Drowsiness

CBD affects people differently. While some will be more alert after using CBD, others may experience relaxation or sleepiness.

Other people have also reported feeling drowsy after consuming CBD. 

If you suffer from insomnia, you may find the sedating effect of CBD helpful.

Still, if you haven’t used CBD before and don’t know how it may affect you, avoid operating heavy machinery or driving.

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Does CBD Oil Affect The Kidney?

According to research, kidney disease is the 9th most common cause of death in the US. The American Kidney Fund states that at least 10% of the American population may be suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Because it’s not easy to cure chronic kidney disease, people are turning to more natural options such as CBD oil to manage the symptoms.

This begs the question, can CBD help me manage kidney disease, or will it worsen the condition?

According to a study by Dr. Murray Mittleman, professor of epidemiology at Harvard University, there’s no link between cannabis extracts and kidney disease.

He states their research provides some reassuring evidence suggesting lack of detrimental effect of infrequent, relatively light use of marijuana on kidney function among healthy adults under the age of 60.

Still, more human trials are needed since the study didn’t involve the elderly, heavy users, and people with pre-existing chronic kidney disease.

However, so far, we know that cannabis extracts, including CBD, won’t damage the kidney, so the question is, can it help manage the symptoms?

Possibly yes.

CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory qualities that may help manage muscle cramps, chronic pain, swelling of ankles, and feet symptoms often associated with chronic kidney disease.

Kidney disease may also lead to sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, etc., all of which can be managed with CBD oil products.

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CBD Oil For Dogs Side Effects

CBD affects your four-legged friend the same way it does for you.

This means that your dog may experience benefits as well as some side effects after consuming CBD.

Here are the commonly reported side effects in dogs:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea, etc
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Get Quality CBD Products And Get The Dosage Right

CBD is well-tolerated in humans, even in high dosages.

It has been found to help with various body conditions, including pain, anxiety, and chemo side effects such as nausea.

However, excess CBD may lead to side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and in extreme cases, liver damage. 

It’s therefore important that you get your dosage right by starting with the smallest possible dose, examine the effects, then increase your intake until a point where you experience the best relief.

More importantly, however, you must get high-quality CBD products from reputable brands such as

All our products are made with 100% sun-grown hemp in Colorado. It’s our commitment to ensure that you can access not only premium quality CBD products but also information resources to help you make the right decision as you consider venturing to CBD oil products.

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