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CBD Show Promise For Fighting Aggressive Brain Cancer

Can CBD Work For Aggressive Brain Cancer?

CBD oil for brain cancer? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Not according to this new study which suggests that CBD may be a useful therapy for difficult-to-treat brain cancer in both humans and canines.

In the study conducted at Colorado State University, US, it was discovered that Cannabidiol may help slow cancer cell growth and is toxic to human glioblastoma cell lines, suggesting that CBD could help manage glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer that grows and spreads very quickly.

Before we get into the details of the study, let’s look at this question, what is glioblastoma?

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Understanding Glioblastoma

To understand how CBD may fit in, let’s first have a peek at what this condition is, how it affects human life as well as the available treatment options.

Mayo Clinic defines glioblastoma as an aggressive type of cancer that can affect the brain or spinal cord.

The condition develops from cells known as astrocytes, whose role is to support the nervous system.

Although glioblastoma can occur at any age, it’s more popular in senior citizens and is often associated with nausea, worsening headaches, seizures, and vomiting.

It’s often very difficult to treat this type of cancer, and the available treatment options mainly aim at slowing the progression of the cancer and reducing the symptoms.

Here are some of the ways used to manage the condition:

Radiation Therapy– Involves the use of high-energy beams, e.g. protons or X-rays, to kill cancerous cells.

This procedure is usually carried out after surgery. For people who can’t withstand surgery, radiotherapy (combined with chemotherapy) may be used as the primary treatment.

Surgery– Your doctor may operate on you to remove the glioblastoma. The idea here is to remove as much of the tumour as possible.

It’s impossible to remove all the tumour through surgery since glioblastoma also grows into the normal brain’s tissue. This is why surgeries are often accompanied by other treatment options.

Chemotherapy- This involves using drugs to kill cancerous cells.

In some instances, doctors may place thin, circular wafers containing chemotherapy drugs in your brain. As the wafers dissolve, the medicine gets into your brain.

Targeted Drug Therapy– This target abnormalities in cancerous cells that allow them to grow and develop.

Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) Therapy– TTF involves the use of electric fields to disorient the cancerous cells and inhibit their ability to multiply.

During this process, adhesive pads connected to a portable device (that generates the electric field) is applied to your scalp.

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How CBD Oil May Come In- The Study

As we mentioned earlier, it’s often impossible to treat glioblastoma, and most of the treatment options we highlighted above are used to manage rather than treat the condition.

Unfortunately, some of them may have long-lasting side effects, and not everyone can undergo surgeries, for instance.

According to Chase Gross, a student in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Science Program at Colorado State University, there is a need for further research and treatment options for patients with brain cancer.

He continues to say that their research suggests that CBD has the potential to provide an effective, synergistic glioblastoma therapy option and that it should be studied further.

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How The Study Was Conducted And The Findings

Mr Gross and the team examined canine and human glioblastoma cells.

They tested the effects of both CBD extract ( with small amounts of other naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD and THC), and CBD isolate (the purest form of CBD with up to 99.9% CBD).

In the experiment, CBD was found to slow cancer cell growth. ‘‘It’s toxic to both canine and human glioblastoma cell lines,’’ said Mr Gross. ‘‘Importantly, the differences in anti-cancer effects between CBD isolate and extract appear to be negligible.’’

The study suggests that CBD may help with this rare form of brain cancer by causing apoptosis by enlarging the intracellular vesicles in the cancer cell membranes, which bulge and eventually break down.

The researchers believe that Cannabidiol’s potential to help with brain cancer lies in the compound’s ability to decrease cells’ mitochondrial activity, thereby inhibiting their growth and development.

CBD might also prompt them to release harmful reactive oxygen species, making them toxic.

For those who don’t know, mitochondria are what allows your body cells to produce energy which is necessary for all body processes.

In the study, cells treated with Cannabidiol were found to experience a decrease in mitochondrial activity levels than normal.

According to Gross, their findings help provide a framework for further studies on CBD’s effects on glioblastoma in a clinical setting using live animal models. 

‘‘This could lead to new treatments that would help both people and dogs that have this very serious cancer,’’ he said.

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Can CBD Oil Help With Dizziness Caused From Radiation After Brain Cancer?

CBD is not a cure for brain cancer, and you should see your doctor immediately if you suspect you have any form of cancer.

However, CBD oil has been found helpful in managing some of the symptoms associated with common cancer treatment options such as dizziness, nausea, pain, appetite, and vomiting.

Limited research indicates that THC, CBD, or both may help alleviate some cancer-related symptoms such as chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Also, Sativex (a mouth spray that contains both CBD and THC) is being tested for its ability to help reduce cancer-induced pain, especially the difficult-to-treat nerve pain.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that CBD may help remedy mood imbalance symptoms like stress and anxiety. 

The compound has also shown great potential in improving the length and quality of sleep.

This could be good news to cancer patients, especially because cancer diagnosis and treatment is often overwhelming and wrought in worry, stress, and fear.

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Is CBD Oil Any Good For Brain Cancer? – Take Away

Although anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may help manage glioblastoma, more data is needed before we can make such claims here at Adventure CBD.

Make sure to consult your doctor before using CBD or any other supplement for any health condition.

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