CBD Lab Results

CBD you can trust. A brand you can trust.

There’s a lot of CBD products on the market today. But can you trust them? We test every CBD product we create and proudly provide the lab results to our customers, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

All of our products are made with pure CBD isolate and hemp oil – derived from our hemp farm in Southern Colorado. We work with local labs in the state of Colorado for product testing. Once we harvest and extract hemp oil and CBD in the form of isolate from our hemp crops, we send it off to third party labs for testing. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our lab results you can download them below.

Aurum LabsAdventure CBD Certificates of Analysis Download
Botanacor ServicesAdventure CBD & HEMP Certificates of Analysis Download
The Good LabAdventure CBD Certificates of Analysis Download
Mile High ExtractsAdventure CBD Certificates of Analysis Download
Murray Brown Laboratories, IncAdventure CBD Certificates of Analysis Download
Athletica CBD – Body Lotion – 500mgAthletica CBD - Body Lotion - 500mg
Athletica CBD – Body Lotion – 1000mgATHLETICA CBD – BODY LOTION – 1000mg
Athletica CBD – Capsules – 750mgAthletica CBD - Capsules - 750mg
Athletica CBD – Electrolyte Gummies – 500mgAthletica CBD - Electorlyte Gummies - 
Athletica CBD – Muscle Freeze – 500mgAthletica CBD - Muscle Freeze - 500mg
Athletica CBD – Run Guard – 250mgAthletica CBD - Run Guard - 250mg
Athletica CBD – Tincture – 1500mgAthletica CBD - Tincture - 1500mg
Bath Salts – 200mgBath Salts - 200mg
Body Butter – 500mgBody Butter - 4oz
Body Lotion – 100mgBody Lotion - 100mg
Body Lotion – 500mgBody Lotion - 500mg
Body Lotion – 1000mgBody Lotion - 1000mg
Body Scrub – 250mgAdventure CBD Body Scrub - 250mg
Capsules – 450mgCapsules - 450mg
Cat Treats – 275mgCat Treats - 275mg
Dog Biscuits – 150mgDog Biscuits - 150mg
Equine CBD – Drawing Salve – 1500mgEquine CBD - Drawing Salve - 1500mg
Equine CBD – Liniment Gel – 1000mgEquine CBD - Liniment Gel - 1000mg
Equine CBD – Large Animal Tincture – 5000mgEquine CBD - Large Animal Tincture - 5000mg
Equine CBD – Saddle Sore Salve – 400mgEquine CBD - Saddle Sore Salve - 400mg
Equine CBD – Veterinary Ointment – 750mgEquine CBD - Veterinary Ointment - 750mg
CBD IsolateAdventure CBD Isolate
Gummies – 10mg per pieceAdventure CBD - Sour Gummies
Massage Oil – 500mgMassage Oil - 500mg
Moisturizing Body Gel – 250mgMoisturizing Body Gel - 250mg
Pet Tincture – 300mgPet Tincture - 300mg
Pet Tincture – Full Spectrum – 500mgPet Tincture - Full Spectrum - 500mg
Rice Crispies – 250mgRice Crispies - 250mg
Skin Strong Salve – 100mgSkin Strong Salve - 400mg
Skin Strong Salve – 400mgAdventure CBD Skin Strong Salve - 400mg
Tattoo Aid Salve – 100mgAdventure CBD Tattoo Aid Salve - 100mg
Tattoo Aid Salve – 400mgAdventure CBD Tattoo Aid Salve - 400mg
Tincture – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 500mgTincture - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 500mg
Tincture – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1000mgTincture - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1000mg
Tincture – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1500mgTincture - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1500mg
Tincture – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 2500mgTincture - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 2500mg
Tincture – THC Free 500mgTincture - THC Free 500mg
Tincture – THC Free 1000mgTincture - THC Free 1000mg
Tincture – THC Free 1500mgTincture - THC Free 1500mg
Tincture – THC Free 2500mgTincture - THC Free 2500mg