CBD Oil Benefits – What Can CBD Oil Help With?

You’ve heard the hype, but is it true? Let’s cut through the nonsense and explore the actual benefits of CBD oil.

But first, a disclaimer

Scientists are still studying CBD to better understand everything they can about the compound. Because right now, we only understand the tip of the iceberg. Since there is still a lot research to be done, the FDA does not evaluated any claims made about CBD and they do not support any claims regarding CBD.

In order to stay withing the law and eliminate any chance of claiming something that eventually turns out to be untrue, Adventure CBD does not make specific claims about CBD or its uses. Instead, we simply pass along anecdotal evidence made by happy users of CBD.

If you have concerns, please do your research to learn everything you can before choosing to try CBD yourself. And if you’re not comfortable, no problem. We’ll know more in the years to come.

What people say about the benefits of CBD oil

CBD is one of the two major chemical compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. The other major compound is THC. Unlike THC, which creates a euphoric “high” feeling, CBD creates a feeling best described as “chill”.

Chill out

In other words, people who use CBD often describe the feeling as calm or relaxed. This feeling appears mostly in the body and not in the mind, but the relaxing effect can create a sedative feeling.

Don’t worry, be happy

Some people report that when their body is relaxed, their mood improves as well. Many people say that CBD aids in relieving stress and anxiety. These are among the claims that are not verified by science or the FDA, so take these opinions with a grain of salt.

Sleepy time

The sedative feeling can make you relaxed, but it can also make you tired. Many people choose to take CBD in the evening before bed, claiming that CBD improves their ability to sleep throughout the night or improve the quality of their sleep.

This is why why recommend never operating heavy machinery after taking CBD.

Chronic relief

Many folks have found that in addition to relaxation, CBD provides relief from pain. The extend of pain relief seems to vary from person to person, so we can’t say just how beneficial this may be to any individual.

Some of the types of chronic pains people report as being alleviated include back, neck, and hip pain, arthritis, and pain or irritation to the skin.

Post-workout bliss

Some athletic folks claim that CBD givers relief from aches and pains in tight muscles or stiff joints. For this reason, some choose to use CBD after a workout or other physically demanding activity, like hiking or cycling.


Research has shown promise with CBD being beneficial to epileptics who suffer from seizures and Parkinson’s patients who suffer from tremors. These findings could have a huge impact on how these conditions are treated, but we’re not qualified to make specific claims. If you’d like to learn more, please contact your doctor.

What other CBD oil benefits are there?

There are loads of other claims about CBD. Many could prove to be promising, but others may not be founded on good science, or they lack sufficient support from the scientific community to be considered as potentially useful. So, we’re not going to share these big claims here.

But fear not! We’ll know more as researchers make further discovers. And you can count on us to share only the highest quality information regarding CBD that you’ll find anywhere online.

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