Affiliate Program

Step 1.

Use the form below and provide the required information to sign up for our affiliate program.

Step 2.

A representative of Adventure CBD & Hemp will be in contact with you to get your account all set up.

Step 3.

You will be assigned a discount code that is used to track all of your referral sales.

Step 4.

You will receive commission payments and sales reports on a monthly basis.

Terms & Conditions

Conversion Action:  Online purchase with processed valid payment.

Cookie Day(s):  30 days

Commission Type:  Percentage of sale.

Base Commission:  20%

Additional Terms:

  1. Contact:
  2. Commission:  Receive 20% commission on all Adventure CBD & Hemp product sales.
  3. Cookies:  30 days
  4. Payment Method:  Check
  5. Check Payment Threshold:  $50
  6. Payment Basis:  Monthly